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Good innovators conspire against capitalism

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Blowing your inheritance

Managing your DNA in business and life.

Genetics have always been a good excuse. We often hear it. “There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s the way I am.”

Sometimes, that’s a good thing, like healthy acceptance; other times it’s resignation and disempowerment.

You hear the dichotomy in business with statements like: “We are really good at doing this” versus “This is the way we’ve always done it.”

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Fast Leadership

A random walk through the leadership maze.

Search “leadership” on Amazon and you’ll find several thousand books on the subject. Even more than on “How to make a million in real estate”.

Many are all well argued. Some draw on great historical examples, others quote celebrity CEOs. A few are inspirational. Yet most are hard to put into practice. With leadership, as with real estate, there’s no silver bullet.

What if you just need to get on with it?

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So, what were you worried about?

An interesting milestone passed quietly last week.

We’re not supposed to worry about material things. Somehow, we are meant to rise above the earthly stuff.

It’s good when it happens. We get a glimpse of our higher selves, where worry is banished and peace seeps in. But it’s hard to do 24/7. In difficult times we forget that we got through it okay last time. Instead, we think it’ll get worse.

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Do entrepreneurs have psychological disorders?

The positive side of negative traits.

Plenty of famous entrepreneurs display weird characteristics. Many have ugly personalities. Some appear neurotic. Others are simply rude, arrogant or difficult to work with.

It can come with the territory. Starting a business is often frustrating. You could forgive the odd mental or emotional explosion.

Less forgivable are greed or dishonesty, like Steve Jobs famously short-changing Steve Wozniak, or Mark Zuckerberg dumping best friend Eduardo Saverin. These unflattering examples are the stuff of popular movies.

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Getting Lucky

Sometimes, the flip side is the better track.

In 1978 Gloria Gaynor was a moderately successful singer. That changed when she covered a Righteous Brothers number called “Substitute.” Few would remember the tune. That’s because it flopped. On the flip side was a new track no one had heard of. It was called “I Will Survive.” It went to the top of the charts and so did Gloria Gaynor.

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